Hello all, firstly I would like to say thank you for taking your time to read my first of Insha'Allah (God willing) many blogs.

Ok so I guess the best place to start is a little bit about me. My full name is Afshanara Khanom, a wife and a mother of two and basically someone who loves food. I'm a little fattie, well a lot fattie. I have always enjoyed eating, at home, out at families homes, and out at restaurants, anywhere really, I have a broad palette and enjoy many different cuisine. Of course this does not help with the waist lines.

Over the years I have tried and failed many a times to loose weight, I can exercise every day, but still nothing shifts, I have tried every diet and treatment going and everything has failed.

However over the years of trying, one common factor kept propping up. FOOD!!!!!

To loose weight you need to fuel your body you need to eat, but you must eat right. Greens, protein, fats and carbs are daily requirement of what you must eat, in line with of course exercise. And for the first time in years I can see the inches melting off.

Now you may ask why am I writing this blog? Well every time I try to follow a a nutrition plan, (and I do follow it religiously) it's so bland it's so boring, it makes me crave other food, and being Bengali it makes me crave rice and curry, the more I restrict myself the more I crave it, and in the end I end up binging and then doing vicious workouts and so the cycle repeats itself, which lets face it in the long run its not healthy for the mind or body.

So I had a light bulb moment, what if I take the knowledge and applied it to the food I loved and cooked curry in a healthier way, yes the good old curry but healthy, now it may not be as oily as mum makes it, but let's face it nothing will taste as good as mums, but it sure does not taste like a healthy curry.

I've tested my curries out on friends and family, and no one is able to tell the difference, it's about tweaking certain ingredients and using healthy alternatives.

So follow me on this journey as I share my dishes and hopefully I can learn more as I go along as well. And loose more weight. In sha'Allah.

Thank you for reading. Feedback welcome.

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